Tool Bar
Bramleys Seed Establishment Tool Bar

The tool bar is designed in the same way as the combi-plus, allowing any power harrow to become a cultivator and deep loosening seed drill.

The tool bar to fit a Kuhn power harrow fits directly onto the headstock of the power harrow, this system only pushes the machine back 100mm. The tractors three point linkage attaches to the tool bar. Four NG legs on the 3 metre bar are adjusted and removed by 1 pin each allowing for easy adjustment and removal. 

The design of the tool bar allows for frame to stay on the head stock whilst power harrowing only.

Legs are designed to work from 25mm down to 200mm.

Tool Bars sizes are 3 or 4 metres with the 4 metre having 6 NG legs. To fit other manufacturers power harrows and cultivation equipment the frames are supplied with category 3 hook arms.

Tool Bars can be specified in any colour to allow for personal choose.

New for 2018 
Tool Bars can be specified with hydraulic leg lift and lower. This allows for legs to be out of work for combination drilling the middle of a ploughed field, when starting the headland the legs can be lowered into work to remove compaction created by the drilling tractor turning on the ploughed headlands.

​NG legs are made up with:
​1 large wing 525mm
1 point tungsten tipped
1 curved shin tungsten tipped
2 narrow shins tungsten tipped