The  Development 
Bramleys seed establishment was created by myself Philip Bramley. I am the third generation to farm at Bolton Percy near York.

A plough, power harrow based system was used up until 2009, when we started to grow oilseed rape. To establish the osr, a contractor was brought in with a sumo trio to work land in front of the farms suffolk coulter combination drill. 

Autumn 2012 was wet and meant getting a contractor on the very few dry days was difficult .
Having seen a neighbour use a set of legs in front of his power harrow drill, this set things in motion. The only trouble with the frame was it pushed the drill back nearly half a metre, therefore you have to add a lot of extra weight to the front of your tractor.

Spring 2013 saw the develpment of my own frame to use lemken dolomite legs. This frame only moves the power harrow back by 10cm therefore not needing any more weight on your tractor. A weaving tine drill was mounted onto the power harrow to try  and give us a multipurpose machine.
Using the legs and drill in a wide range of fields and establishment systems on the back of our 130hp tractor, we found that the legs worked well down to 200mm. The problem was the tine drill blocked up in some of the more trashy situations.

Spring 2014 saw the develpment of the prototype combi-plus twin. JJ Metcalfe & Son NG system legs replaced the lemken legs due to bad wear on the bottom of the leg and the point being bolted on, so you cannot put the weight of the machine on to concrete.
The Vaderstad disc coulter was chosen as the best drilling system. A twin hopper and disc alignment were designed for the sowing of osr and DAP fertiliser in 12 rows for a 3 metre drill. The farms 100 hp tractor was used on a spring tine cultivator to work the land in front of the combi-plus pulled by 130hp. All land was drilled without the need for a contractor.